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Craftsmen excel with the best tools and materials available. In the world of 3D Cad Design and Laser Cutting, this could not be more true. We strive to stay on top of the latest technology. This allows our employees to push their full potential while delivering the best possible product to our customers. That is why our shop is equipped with the best 3D CAD Designer software and CNC Cutting Systems available. 

Our CAD Design Services

By keeping up to date with the latest in CAD design software we can coordinate perfectly between our designers, teams, and customers. We can show 3D renderings to our customers to keep them apprised. Our welders can have accurate shop drawings to guide their cuts. Good CAD Design makes fabricating and automatic cutting efficient with optimal products. We can CAD design for a variety of materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. 

Our CAD design and laser cutting are augmented by the best software and hardware available. We use Autocad Fusion 360, Autodesk, Autodesk Advanced Steel, Autodesk Inventor, and Bend-Tech.

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Color Coded Gutter Brush Assembly

Mounting Plate

Side Wing Assembly

Rendering of Platform Addition

24” Ductwork Routing Profile to See Any/All Obstacles and Cut Lengths

Rendering of Trap Door Railing and Gas Shock Placement

Spiral Cut Out

1” Thick Mild Carbon Steel Cut Quality

1” Thick Mild Carbon Steel Cut Quality

1” Thick Mild Carbon Steel Cut Quality

1” Thick Mild Carbon Steel Cut Quality

Engraving Capabilities

Complex Angular Transition

Large Square to Round Transition

Walk Over Piping Platform

Container House Installed on Site and Windows, Doors, and all Framing Completed

Welding of a Stainless-Steel Stand on Site

Welding Out of the Previously Fit-up Hot Tap Flange

Fitment of a Hot Tap Flange

In Progress of the on-Site Welding of a Conveyor Walkway with Railings

In Progress Build of a Large Hopper and Transitions

Hard-facing of a Paddle

Mezzanine Extension during the Installation Process. Beams Fabricated Prior to Installation.

Structural Beams that were Fabricated and Painted in the Shop being Installed on Site

Metal Decking Being Welded Down before Concrete is Poured On Top

View from Underneath of Some Small Structural Beams and Bar Joists being Installed at a Local School Addition

Resident Structural Steel Fabricated in Place

Large and Complex Press Stand being Fabricated

Press Stand Fabricated and Painted in House

View from the Top of a Stair Platform after Installation

In Shop Progress of Hopper and Equipment Stand

Another View of the Manufacturing Line

Completed Manufacturing Line Fabricated and Installed. Machine Platforms Fabricated in the Shop and Walkways Fabricated on Site

Primed Structural Members Installed on Site with Custom Wood Roof Joist Mount Plates

Small but Complex Platform

Grain Auger

Seed Hopper Transition with Slide Stop

Fuel Tank Skid

Large Equipment Fender

Pump Cover for Hydraulic Steps

Seed Hopper Transition with Slide Stop

Haul Truck Platform Upgrade

½” Bent Parts for Safety Equipment Manufacturer

Display Stands for Drink Manufacturer

Pipe Railings for Local Plant

Small Batch of Laser Holders

Ornamental Railing Installed after being Fabricated in House

Bridge Crane Operators Station with Entrance Stairs after Installation. Everything Built and Painted in House

Underside of a Large Fender

Welding of the Base of a Large, Custom, Stainless Steel Water Tank

Underside of an Equipment Platform

Welding of an Aluminum Stand on Site

Seam Welding a Large Stainless Steel Water Tank being Built in the Shop

Welding of a Hot Tap on Another Water Main

Bar Grate Equipment Walk Around

Display Stands prior to Shipment to England

Hopper and Equipment Platform

Welding a Hot Tap Flange onto a 72” Water Main for one of the Nearby Cities

Overhead Reducer Down to a Filler

Multi-level Pipe Run

90 Degree Elbow with a 45

Custom drain for a filling unit

3” reduced down to 2” pipe run

Completed Piping Run

Completed and Cleaned Sanitary Weld

Completed Sanitary Piping Run with Pipe Stands to a Switchover for a Brewery. Pipes include Beer, CIP, Bottled Beer, and Canned Beer.

Finished Sanitary Weld Prior to Cleaning and Passivation

Tacked up Reducer Ready to be Purged and Welded

Welding Out a Piece of Sanitary Piping Before Installation

Welding Out a Piece of Sanitary Piping Before Installation